Pricing Support Analyst

Posted on - 29 July 2017

Pricing Support Analyst

The Role:

To assist the Pricing team achieve its goals in the following areas:

  • Producing reports for Underwriters, Management, and Lloyd's
  • Supporting Underwriters in assessing individual risks and in developing the business plan

Key Responsibilities:

Reporting & Monitoring

  • To assist in the maintenance and development of reports produced by the Pricing Team.
  • To work with Analysts and Underwriters to collate reports and produce commentary.

Key reports include:

  • Monthly PMD reporting to Lloyd's
  • Quarterly production of management and board reports
  • Monthly reporting to IMC
  • Quarterly reporting for Expert Reviewers
  • To interrogate reports on an ad hoc basis
  • For example, helping underwriters understand the drivers of movements in their rate change and adequacy reports

Pricing & Business Planning

  • To assist Class Actuaries in delivering the operational support plan for the Pricing Team.
  • To maintain and develop the Pricing Database.


  • To help identify and implement improvements and enhancement in processes and models.
  • To provide operational assistance to the Pricing Team.

This work may include:

  • Support for team meetings and meetings with Management 
  • Assistance with presentations, memos, and documentation
  • Support requests across the Underwriting Analytics Department 

You will have experience in the following areas:

  • No prior work experience is required, but candidates with experience with data manipulation and reporting or insurance information are encouraged to apply.

Experience in the following area would be beneficial as well:

  • Able to use spreadsheets and databases with confidence
  • Knowledge of programming
  • Familiarity with Information Technology tools
  • High level of numeracy

We will welcome applicants for this role that are seeking roles related to management information, reporting, and data analytics within the field of insurance and reinsurance.

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